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Sparkle Cleans Cambridge

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Builders cleaning is often described as the removal of dust and debris that are generated from the work being carried out on site. It is often completed in preparation for a sparkle clean. It is important to keep the site clean during the construction phase.

What to expect from our builders clean:

  • The site should be clean and clear of building debris, this means no building materials left around. Rubbish is taken away and an overall rake up of debris takes place.
  • Floors, including the tiles in wet areas will be vacuumed and mopped where appropriate. Floor covers are vacuumed, and the concrete floor is swept.
  • Shelves and surfaces are wiped over. This includes wiping out cupboards, wiping over the bathroom and laundry cabinets. It is important to note, with any new building works, dust will settle and continue to settle for some time after construction is completed. If your clean was not done on the same day as handover, you can expect there to be some dust that will settle.
  • Fans and light fittings will be wiped over. It is common for dust to settle on these items for some time after construction is completed.
  • Windows and mirrors are cleaned, this includes a vacuum out of the window tracks.
  • In some cases, fascia‚Äôs and gutters will also be wiped down.

It is important to understand that the house needs only to be presented as clean, not the kind of clean we might see in a display home, but free of building paraphernalia. During a builders clean, appropriate risk assessment is carried out and we ensure that all our staff are aware of the potential hazards. We work together with other site operators to prevent accidents on site as well as professionally accommodate other site users.

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